It's the little things.

Hi, I am E! 

I like simple things and chocolates. The amount of my daily sugar intake is ridiculous. I seriously need to cut down. I enjoy walks, although, I walk really fast. Yoga is my form of exercise. It calms me down. I have a degree in Communications. I am a Capricorn and I live in Toronto. 

My favourite time of the day is seeing my little boy after hours of work walking up to me to say mama all excited and giddy. He used to be so dependent and so little. The smiles because of gas were over and are replaced by smiles with intent. Gone are the days when he can barely support himself and a single turn is a huge victory. He has now become the most adventurous little person I know. He would climb, slide, jump, toss and turn like he has some kind of secret super powers that we do not know of. 

This is what Little Moments is about – it’s the little things. They are personal, true, and genuine. Time passed and moments gone cannot be brought back. Let us keep them in your hearts and in photographs. Let us share those little moments together.                                           


Ericka Mercado